Hirschluch is a Lutheran church camp in the middle of the woods roughly an hour southeast of Berlin. Spread out over a broad area are individual houses with bedrooms, seminar rooms, and kitchenettes, and in between are play areas for kids and woods to explore. It's a great place to enjoy sunny weather, nature, and conversations with old and new friends alike. For more information, see the Hirschluch website.

Travel information

By Car

We recommend using your favorite GPS or online map service for directions.

The address is:

Hirschluch 1, 15859 Storkow (Mark)

Flying and Public Transportation

There are two airports in Berlin: Schönefeld (SXF) and Tegel (TXL) airports. Hirschluch campground is easily accessible from both airports by public transportation.  

For those traveling by Bus/Train either from an airport or another city, please check www.bahn.de for connection information. (To change the language of the website click on Deutsch in the upper right.)

Use "Hirschluch 1, 15859 Storkow” as your destination.

To purchase the ticket, it is best to go to a Deutsche Bahn ticketing counter as some of the train connections can't be paid for over the website. 

Once you arrive at the train station (either Storkow or Fürstenwalde(Spree), depending on the direction from which you are coming), Bus 435 will take you to the campground. The stop where you get off BUS 435 is called "Hirschluch, Storkow".  There is a 500m walk from the bus stop to the campground.

Please be aware that BUS 435 only runs to Hirschluch on Friday until about 19:00 and on Saturday until 18:00. If you see that you will be unable to make this connection, you'll need to purchase a ticket to the train stop nearest to Hirschluch, preferably "Bahnhof Storkow (Mark)” or alternatively “Bahnhof Fürstenwalde (Spree)”. If you will be arriving late, you will need to call or message + 32 498 41 43 83, give us your name, arrival time, number of people in your group, and arrival station, so we can organize a pick up. 

Additionally: Please enter your airport ARRIVAL information in the following questionnaire (https://goo.gl/forms/4GzorFHYajWZ8Ruz2) so the logistics people have an idea who will need a pick-up. Thank you for your help!